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Client Testimonials

"Law Office Technology Solutions has been assisting us with the integration of new law office technologies solutions. John, the principal, makes himself available, is an excellent trainer and is there when you need him. I highly recommend Law Office Technology Solutions for anyone requiring a high level of knowledge and assistance with law office technology solutions."

Cheryl Cavanaugh

Software & Systems Administrator
BakerNewby, LLP.

“Our firm has been a client of LOTS for the past 6 years. I have always found them to be supportive and quick to find solutions to all our technical problems. When changing over from one server to another it was done with a smooth transition and barely any down time. Our office was able to continue working throughout this process uninterrupted. After researching and trying to find a new case management system on our own, LOTS introduced our firm to AMICUS. This program has been the answer to our prayers, it minimizes our workload by allowing our staff to create documents efficiently and quickly while storing the information in our file for later use. The ease and adjustability of this program is amazing, and the entire staff was able to immediately begin working on it with minimal training. I was able to customize certain aspects to be specific to our area of practice. In addition we added AMICUS BILLING to replace our last billing program, this allows us to view both the file and billing information all in one place. Our office has never run more efficiently and smoothly since installing these programs and having LOTS by our side.”

Linda Ferraro, Office Manager

Cooper & Paroff, P.C. – Kew Gardens, New York

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