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Amicus Premium Billing


Law Firm Billing Made Easy


Amicus Premium Billing adds billing, collections and trust to Amicus Attorney. It makes Amicus a complete practice management solution that manages both the professional and business sides of your practice. Do your work in Amicus Attorney, capture your time, and create fees, expenses, bills, trust entries and productivity reports, all within the same interface. The natural workflow lets you automate and expedite your client billing processes - from time entries to expenses, trust activity to bill creation, productivity reports and so much more. Billing has never been this easy!


One Office

Amicus Premium Billing gives you complete visibility into the financial aspect of your practice while doing your professional work. Just toggle back and forth. The main billing screen allows you to access the most commonly used billing functions all in one place.


Total Practice Management

Amicus Premium Billing allows you to bill clients faster and easier right from within Amicus Attorney. While you are doing your professional work in Amicus Attorney, Amicus Premium Billing gives you instant visibility into the financial impacts of that work. With integrated professional and business practice management, you always know where you stand with your clients.


Dailies - Proactive Assistance

The Amicus Dailies module helps you answer the question "What's going on today?". In a single integrated view, it provides you with a real-time overview of the business side of your practice. Daily proactive billing reminders such as work in progress alerts, bill alerts and accounts receivable alerts help you stay on top of your client accounts. The easy-to-read daily reminders show you at a glance what you have to do today - and make it easy for you to do it.


File Information Is Instantly Accessible

The Files Index provides a snapshot of the financial position of all Amicus files. Flexible filters allow you to customize your view eliminating the need to run a series of reports. Create new time and expense entries. Receive payments. Create new reminder statements. And by clicking on a file you can access underlying file details including all transactions, fees, expenses, bills, related files and so much more. Amicus Premium Billing provides you with instant access to all financial transactions that have occurred on any given file. And in a few mouse clicks, you can get anywhere!


Know Your Clients

The client index provides an interactive view of files and balances by primary client. Choose to work with individual matters or all matters for a client. For each person, you can see client ID and contact information along with work in progress, accounts receivable, trust and general retainer balances. And in a single click, bring up a contact's card to access further details including posted and unposted time, total revenue, when the last bill was issued and when the latest payment was received. See who is bringing you work – by client and file.


Control Billing Behavior Amicus Premium Billing provides simplified time, fee and expense tracking to help streamline billing. The result is faster, easier and more efficient billing for your entire firm. Use the available filters to manipulate data any way you want – display time entries for selected time keepers, billing status, date range, type, non billable, unposted and so on. Gain new insight into your practice.


Manage Trust Accounts

Manage trust accounts and meet trust account obligations using Amicus Premium Billing. At a glance, view all activity going on and account for every dollar by file in multiple trust accounts. You can also save time by creating and allocating transactions to many files at once. Just one way Amicus makes you more efficient.


Flexible Law Firm Billing

Managing your billing processes is the key to running a profitable firm. Amicus Premium Billing keeps you right on top of your billing activities at all times. And it’s so easy you won’t even realize you are billing. You can bill from anywhere – the files index, a people index or from within the file itself. The simple billing structure makes it easy to review and edit entries on draft bills before finalizing. You can bill files, by email, one at a time or en masse and use hourly, fixed fee or contingency billing. And you’ll save time with consolidated billing for clients with multiple files. You’ll reduce the risk of delinquent accounts by having the billing status at your fingertips while you work. And you’ll provide better customer service to your clients by being able to respond to queries about their file quickly and accurately at all times.



Run a variety of reports by staff, client or file type and optionally edit them to meet your needs. And since report results are active links, you can use the onscreen drill down capability to access further details. Having financial reports at your finger tips means you'll make better decisions on how to manage your practice.


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